Thursday, February 6, 2014

Art studio spaces

Kara Walker: 

In the slideshow there were many pieces/installations that l liked very much such as Barry McGee and Shepard fairy. These artists were already people that I liked but I have seen their work in gallery settings before and am familiar with the way they use the gallery (to some extent). I am really drawn to barry McGees use of the gallery in his exhibits such as the exhibit i saw of his at the ICA in Boston last year. I have found that i really am drawn to art that depicts or captures rawness, simplicity and or normality of everyday life. I don't know if i am explaining this art style well but in my mind it is very clear cut and defined. The art that i am really drawn to lately is pieces such as barry McGee's animatronic life size mannequins tagging a realistically depicted public bathroom. I think that this installation (seen below) is very cool because it is life size, recognizable, and not claiming to be anything more than it is. Although there are underlying meanings with the installation i really appreciate the bluntness and realness of such a work of art. I am intrigued and inspired by the idea of taking elements not associated with art galleries and putting them into a gallery setting. I am toying with the use of this idea for my large final project for senior studio exhibit. 

I also was drawn to elements from Kara Walker's piece My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love which we saw at the MFA when we went as a class and also showed up in the slideshow. The I was not drawn to the content of the piece but rather the execution of the artwork which like Barry McGees manequins depicted a imaginary scenario or fake setting inhabited by life size robots(McGee) or life size silhouettes (Kara Walker). 

While these things may seem unrelated they really share a clear connection for me and although it may not resonate or make sense to others i do think I've developed a style/theme that i may want to pursue.

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