Friday, February 14, 2014

Art and fear 2

Questions response to reading.

It is difficult to differentiate "art" from "craft" mainly because in order to start defining things by labeling them either art or craft you first have to define the labels themselves. As the article states "both terms are so overgrown with fuzzy definitions that drawing a clear distinction between them is close to impossible." The reading does a very good job of indicating the difference between art and craft by spelling it out without trivializing the matter. In the reading craft is said to refer to the technique methods and attention to detail of making something. Beautiful craft is achieved when one develops a style or technique, prototype and practices it and refines it till the the final product is perfect. At this point although the thing being created may be beautiful or artistic, the beauty is really in the craft not the product. Art on the other hand is created through experimentation and does not depend on a refined style or practice.

Artist habits shed light on the style of an artist and in some ways/case are the actual style of their respective artists. For the most part when making art, choices of the maker are stylistic and intentional. Although I do not believe every aspect or choice of an artist reflects some meaning or contain a stylistic benefit, habits and methods of making art do tend to show hints of of or chunks of thier stylistic preferences, interests, tendencies among other things. For one artist the use of cardboard to construct a life size trash truck may be meaningful, and deeply contemplated because it reflects a stylistic choice. By using a recyclable material to build a subject (trash truck) that represents, trash, waste andthe  consumerism that is destroying the environment, the artist is providing a social commentary and criticism of the wasteful behavior of today's generation. 

The scenario above is a case when an artistic habit may reveal an artists style: (a tendency to create sculptures of manmade objects out of recyclable materials) can reveal the artist style of addressing social issues. 

  Another artist might use cardboard to construct a trash truck for no reason other than it is affordable, accessible, at their disposal in excessive amounts. This choice represents practical and affordable decisions rather than stylistic decisions. While in this scenario the artist habits to create sculptures out cardboard does not reflect or reveal a stylistic choice like the previous scenario although the choice to create a trash truck sculpture, or any sculpture in the first place may reflect the artistic style though. In many cases it does not reflect or mean anything at all as with me often times. 
In terms of my style and habits I don't know what to say or think about them. I have previously mentioned that I generally am not one to put deeper meanings such as the recyclable trash truck social commentary in my pieces. I tend to make pieces using methods that I think will look cool or interesting and that is generally the extent of my habits. I am not at the point where I am skilled or artistically developed enough to start trying to make pieces using more criteria than a visually appealing piece. I often don't even succeed at that mere goal so to tack on another such as deeper meaning seems like trouble 

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