Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Art & fear

PArt & fear could possibly be the most informative piece of writing that I have ever read. I can't express how happy I was while reading section after section on how making art can be and inherently is an intimidating task among everyone who does it regardless of ones experience with making art, knowledge about making art, or skill at making art. In fact in the excerpt we read from "Art & Fear" the author supports the idea that skill/natural talent is actually quite arbitrary in regards to making art. Being born very adept or skilled at making art (and many other creative things for that matter) can not guarantee success or greatness because the best work is created through passion, practice, mistake making and drive to improve. As the author states many of these aforementioned and imperative factors of successful art can be overlooked when someone has natural talent but doesn't die anything to progress beyond their natural ability. It is very reassuring to hear that "cultivation" and practice is more important than natural talent. 
Another aspect of the art & fear that I really enjoyed is reading about the complications that arise when comparing yourself with other artists. I always am worried about how much better and more original other artists are then I am but in the article the author makes the point that the best indication of progress and vision is not seen through the comparison of yourself to other people but actually a comparison of yourself overtime.

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