Thursday, January 30, 2014

Art Documentary Response


Art as a business


being an artist  is a 100 percent thing

Watching the documentary I will admit that I was not a fan of much of the work that I saw. Not to say that the work wasn't well made, interesting or good, because i thought that it was (and regardless of what i think my opinion does not determine whether or not artwork is good). All i mean to say is that the majority of the work that i saw in the video was not up my ally. I found that this really didn't hinder my enjoyment of the documentary or prevent my appreciation of the film because I in fact greatly enjoy hearing the many artists get interviewed, answer questions and share their views and perspectives on the art world, process and personal style and experiences. I learned from the video that enjoying what an artist has to say is not contingent upon enjoying their actual artwork.these artist were really inspiring to see and hear talk about their individuality and origins as artists because each one is so different, and each one is so aware of what being an artist consists of in their eyes. For me i have yet to develop even a sliver of an idea regarding my process as an artist or how i create but seeing people so young have so much competence and understanding when it comes to talking about. Some of the artists who's work i did actually enjoy were Base-V and Highgraff both of which made graffiti esque artwork which is no surprise since i tend to be drawn towards this kind of artwork but again the art is not what made the movie so interesting to me.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Art & fear

PArt & fear could possibly be the most informative piece of writing that I have ever read. I can't express how happy I was while reading section after section on how making art can be and inherently is an intimidating task among everyone who does it regardless of ones experience with making art, knowledge about making art, or skill at making art. In fact in the excerpt we read from "Art & Fear" the author supports the idea that skill/natural talent is actually quite arbitrary in regards to making art. Being born very adept or skilled at making art (and many other creative things for that matter) can not guarantee success or greatness because the best work is created through passion, practice, mistake making and drive to improve. As the author states many of these aforementioned and imperative factors of successful art can be overlooked when someone has natural talent but doesn't die anything to progress beyond their natural ability. It is very reassuring to hear that "cultivation" and practice is more important than natural talent. 
Another aspect of the art & fear that I really enjoyed is reading about the complications that arise when comparing yourself with other artists. I always am worried about how much better and more original other artists are then I am but in the article the author makes the point that the best indication of progress and vision is not seen through the comparison of yourself to other people but actually a comparison of yourself overtime.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Stealing ideas

Where do ideas come from?

1) Copy
2) Transform
3) Combine

I thought that the video was really interesting since I am constantly thinking about and contemplating the origin of ideas. This thought process takes place in many facets of my life, not just art. When writing papers I  worried that I am not being original enough as well as my art. I have constantly been told that ideas are never original anymore because everyone has already thought of every possibility by this point in time. Although I understand this claim in some respects I still am not comfortable or content with the idea. Despite my skepticism and unhappiness regarding the idea that nothing is new anymore, I find it very relieving to see a very credible Ted talk among other influential and popular sources such as "steal like an artist" promoting this idea and getting behind it.