Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Creative Habit, by Twyla Tharp

Scratching is the process of digging and constantly unearthing ideas and idea fragments through exploration, experimentation, accidents, and open-mindedness among other methods of discovery. Scratching is something that is constantly being done by everyone from my understanding of the concept but in order for the scratching to be useful or productive, there needs to be motivation and drive to recognize the ideas before the slip through the cracks.

The three mentioned methods of scratching that I think would work best for me are environment, improvisation and reading.  Environment is important to me and relevant because it is very influential in the thinking and work that occurs. I enjoy working around certain people and the dynamic between those people and myself really get me thinking in ways that reading or making work by myself wouldn't have me thinking. I also think that reading is very important to me because it gives an alternative perspective from conversation. I can learn from people who I would never otherwise have a chance to hear from of not for an article or book and this is why reading is valuable to me. Improvisation is a imperative component of some of my work such as abstract paintings of mine.

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