Thursday, December 5, 2013

1st post

This term I am really looking forward to being able to work on the ideas that have been brewing in my mind for various time periods. There are some projects that I have had since the summer, some that I have thought up a few days ago, and hopefully many more to come. I really want to utilize the two terms of studio time to pursue some of the larger scale or less familiar types of work that I haven't necessarily had a chance to do yet. I intend on using a variety of materials both new and familiar but it all depends on what I think the respective project or projects would turn out best when using said material. I will be using wood, spray paint, regular paint, paper, and more I hope. I usually work in 2 dimensions but I have a large love for sculptures and 3 dimensional work. I think that sculpting is something so cool to both make and view and I have really been wanting to explore with the craft. I have some particular ideas in mind which call for 3d work and I look forward to pursuing this in senior studio. This is not to say that I will not be working in two dimensions at all or often because I defiantly intend to do that as well. In senior studio I don't have any idea of a theme that would be common among my work and I am not generally one to do that. Although my work does in the end tend to have similarities in style, methods and concept among many of my pieces as a result of a common thought process and interests. There are certain styles, subject mater and methods that I am interested in which don't change after every new piece I make. I think the theme if any for me is not subject mater but process and this would be the idea of culmination. Senior studio is a chance to do what you have been wanting to do for all of high school but haven't had a chance to. I can't wait to get back to making art after a long hiatus and I'm glad to have the chance to do just that.

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