Thursday, December 12, 2013

Video response

I thought both videos were so cool to start off by saying. I really loved being able to recognize many similarities and overlapping aspects of both process and product in seemingly unrelated fields such as art, comedy and football. Of course stand up comedy and music are considered art forms but even those I don't think get clumped in with visual arts  very often. It is amazing to see how all it takes is a new angle of viewing to open up your eyes so much to a incredibly interesting and enjoyable opportunity of analysis. I loved especially hearing about how this is not just an obscure or vague   connection being made among dissimilar practices but rather a very valid and recognized comparison being made in many people's minds. Hearing Tom Brady speak about his views on preparation process and brainstorming is infinitely more compelling than seeing him throw a touchdown pass. I attribute this to my artistic interest in how work is made rather than just the finished work itself. Jerry Seinfeld's legendary status and humor is seen in his famous show and stand up routines and I really enjoy his talent but I have never considered what the process of coming up with a joke would be like. He makes people laugh for a living and is incredibly good at it which like any skill, football, art, music etc, requires natural ability, but also let's of practice and initiative. I think that it's very rewarding to hear Seinfeld's process for creating something as temporary and intangible as a stand up joke. It's so short lived but packs a punch like a lot of art that I am interested in such as street art, and public instillations.
I find it incredible and so impressive how articulate and clearly jerry Seinfeld was able to convey his process (or a small par of it). Jerry Seinfeld like any artist has preferences unique techniques of his which work for him. His dependence on a specific type of ballpoint pen and his refusal to work on the computer rather than paper reflect his discovered pathway to success and familiarity. I could definitely connect with how jerry said he was skeptical to show his process and unfinished work to an audience or a camera because I makes him feel a bit vulnerable. I think this is true for many artists including myself, and even athletes and teams. The idea of revealing a work in process to an audience is unnerving because it is not where you intend it I be when it is finished and yet it is being presented for peer review criticism. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Creative Habit, by Twyla Tharp

Scratching is the process of digging and constantly unearthing ideas and idea fragments through exploration, experimentation, accidents, and open-mindedness among other methods of discovery. Scratching is something that is constantly being done by everyone from my understanding of the concept but in order for the scratching to be useful or productive, there needs to be motivation and drive to recognize the ideas before the slip through the cracks.

The three mentioned methods of scratching that I think would work best for me are environment, improvisation and reading.  Environment is important to me and relevant because it is very influential in the thinking and work that occurs. I enjoy working around certain people and the dynamic between those people and myself really get me thinking in ways that reading or making work by myself wouldn't have me thinking. I also think that reading is very important to me because it gives an alternative perspective from conversation. I can learn from people who I would never otherwise have a chance to hear from of not for an article or book and this is why reading is valuable to me. Improvisation is a imperative component of some of my work such as abstract paintings of mine.

1st post

This term I am really looking forward to being able to work on the ideas that have been brewing in my mind for various time periods. There are some projects that I have had since the summer, some that I have thought up a few days ago, and hopefully many more to come. I really want to utilize the two terms of studio time to pursue some of the larger scale or less familiar types of work that I haven't necessarily had a chance to do yet. I intend on using a variety of materials both new and familiar but it all depends on what I think the respective project or projects would turn out best when using said material. I will be using wood, spray paint, regular paint, paper, and more I hope. I usually work in 2 dimensions but I have a large love for sculptures and 3 dimensional work. I think that sculpting is something so cool to both make and view and I have really been wanting to explore with the craft. I have some particular ideas in mind which call for 3d work and I look forward to pursuing this in senior studio. This is not to say that I will not be working in two dimensions at all or often because I defiantly intend to do that as well. In senior studio I don't have any idea of a theme that would be common among my work and I am not generally one to do that. Although my work does in the end tend to have similarities in style, methods and concept among many of my pieces as a result of a common thought process and interests. There are certain styles, subject mater and methods that I am interested in which don't change after every new piece I make. I think the theme if any for me is not subject mater but process and this would be the idea of culmination. Senior studio is a chance to do what you have been wanting to do for all of high school but haven't had a chance to. I can't wait to get back to making art after a long hiatus and I'm glad to have the chance to do just that.