Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cardboard Microscope

When making the piece i did not anticipate that i would use a paper cutter, but as i experimented with efficiency and trying to cut multiple sheets of cardboard at the same time by stacking them on top of each other, i found that the paper cutter did a nice job of cutting a few sheets on top of each other in an accurate  and timely manor

Two opsticales that i faced while building this piece were: time (everybody else finished their cardboard sculptures and a new project was being introduced, but i still had lots left to finish on my microscope), and accuracy (i really wanted to make my piece look as real and similar to the original as i could, but i had to make some changes in the look of my sculpture vs the real one in order to make a durable and recognizable piece.)

I had never worked with cardboard in such a way before this class and i found i really liked the material. one thing that reall appealed to me about it is the look of the material. I like being able to make somthing like a microscope that would never be made out of cardboard, and leave the piece unpainted so that the contrast between the material and the subject(a metal microscope) is appearent.
List three new things you had not done before with cardboard.

- made a sculpture out of it
-seperated the surface of a sheet of cardboard from the corragation, thus getting a piece of paper cardboard.
 -mak9ing curved edges with cardboard.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Intro To Sculpture (post 1)

Prompt: Think about your earliest experiences building in 3 dimensions. Where were you? What Materials did you use? Did you think you were making art?

My earliest memories of building in three dimensions is in preschool when one day we were given a big conglomeration of mismatched objects and supplies and instructed to build something out of them. I don't remember the actually building of the piece, but i do remember exactly what it looks like,- i think it might still be somewhere in basement. My creation consisted of a crudely cut slab of wood, soda caps, popsicle sticks and a toy dinosaur all stuck together with vast amounts of a mix of wood glue and green paint. As i got older i became more interested ini art and have spent more time on making pieces than i would've expected  but its rare that i am ever satisfied or pleased with my work, and on the rare occasions that i am i never admit it. I think that when making the piece in preschool i pictured it as art because the assignment we were given was classified as an art project, but the countless hours i spent building with legos, or making towers out of cards etc, were never considered art by me.