Monday, November 7, 2011

Matt Rich, Visiting Artist


I really like this piece because it it appears so smooth and solid even though it is built around a wire frame. It is really amazing how using the right colors and surface you can add a sense of volume to the piece. In the description the piece is listed as latex paint on paper over wire which is a bunch of different materials yet the "mountain" looks so natural. The color scheme is very appealing to me as well, because green is my favorite color and the different shades of green go together well with the white portion. The distribution of the colors adds a whole new feeling to the piece as opposed to having equal width stripes of green and white.

2) As i was saying, I really like how the work appears to be so soft and smooth and natural, despite the fact that most of the pieces are constructed from many smaller pieces of paper. The outcome, on both the sculptures and the 2d works is very unique and cool looking I think. In the slide talk we heard about how lots of his artwork is inspired by previous experiences making art, and the process that goes into making the work. I think it is really cool how Mr Rich first makes the paper his own, then uses that to make his final product. The thought of having pieces of paper all over the ground and using a piece that was created 3 years ago, to construct the art is very cool. I also think that the pictures and description of Mr Rich's Studio seems so real and productive, being able to use whatever is lying around on the floor as part of the piece. 

Question 1) how long did it take for you to develops your style of artwork that we saw today?

Question 2) Do you ever get sick or frustrated on a piece of work and if so how do you deal with the frustration?

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