Friday, November 18, 2011

End of Term Reflection

This term I think my level of engagement and understanding of process affected my finished work (1 piece) in a way that i didn't imagine or consider when the class started. Besides the "Final Project" (which if I had an infinite amount of time ideally wouldn't be finished) the only piece I completed was the Mark Making Portrait. Its Kind of weird to think that the two most successful projects i did this year were similar in the way they looked as well as the only pieces i completed. Before I came to beaver i never really thought about the process of my artwork: there was the initial idea => the final product however you achieved that was arbitrary and insignificant it seemed. Now after taking art at a high school level the process is stressed a ton and in some cases more than the actual outcome. I learned this term that sometimes its okay for the process to shape the piece/idea instead of the other way around. I have confessed that i don't find the mark making and the final project very good, and that i really want to be able to make something recognizable instead of resorting to abstract art, but i do realize that the eFinal Project, were the most enjoyable and relaxing projects i did this year because i could just lock myself up in the studio and not worry about if my final wasn't going to appear like i had expected because, during then i didn't have any expectations to meet or fall short of. 

Its hard sometimes to keep a sense of style and consistency in your artwork when there are projects designed for you to complete, so from the work i have done as part of the class, I don't really have trends.  If i was doing an independent study i would like to think that i would develop and portray a trend in my artwork wether it be constant use of stencils, subject matter, recurring character etc. As far as this term, i think the only trend that i notice in my work is color, and a variety of marks, (as well as a trend of unfinished assignments). I have noticed that i have a tendency to use green and bus and yellows in my work that is colored which is understandable since green is my favorite color but i hope to develop more unique trends in the future.

See First and 2nd Paragraph for shish piece i find most successful.

Answering the question what do i see the role of art in my future was and still is really difficult. Its split up into two different parts: "the role i hope art will play" vs "the role in reality that it will play". What this means is that i want to be an artist in the future as my job, but in reality i doubt that will work out. I really like making art more than most other things, in the same way some people love playing sports or singing etc. but i dont believe that this is possible for me....

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